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    Ella is a hot chick with a dire need for some relaxation and stress reduction from all her hectic college exams so she signed up for a “special massage.” What Ella didn’t realize is that the special pheromone massage oils would make her sweet pussy wetter than ever and horny as fuck. Her oversexed massage therapist loves college sluts and salivates as he rubs Ella’s gorgeous legs and slowly moved his hands up towards her tempting shaved teen snatch.


    Ella lets out a faint moan and that gives her massage therapist the green light to expose her hot pussy and begin fingering her drenched twat. Ella begins to slightly spread them allowing her therapist of lust to finger her yummy teen pussy. After several minutes of pussy fingering Ella gets on her knees and beckons her massage therapist to play with her college pussy. He plunges his cock deep in glistening pink hole and pumps her full of man meat making her scream in ecstasy!



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    Fucked Hard 18

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