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  • Teagan teen massage

    Teagan is one of those cute blondes that you could easily loose a summer or two with. Great REAL titties and a beautiful body to back them up. When she called and made an appointment with the massage therapist I knew we were in for some hardcore loving. There was no doubt in my mind that when Teagan met our custom pheromone oil massage that she would be begging me to fuck her hard just like all the rest of the girls. I can’t wait to ‘get my hands on her’.


    Summertime blonde Teagan barely lasted a couple minutes of deep rubs with our heated massage oil, and it’s a good thing, because I had a hard-on the moment she started to undress. Teagan is one girl that I’ll remember and the feel of her slim body all oiled up is something that only the luckiest of men could experience. Getting to stick your dick into that oiled up honey hole was simply the best sex ever and I totally Fucked Her HARD!

    Fucked Hard 18


    See the full FuckedHard18 Teagan scene at Fucked Hard 18


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